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With over 10 years industry experience, Chica Bonita is a dedicated leader in the hair extension industry ethically sourcing only the most premium quality human remy hair.


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About us

Chica Bonita has spent many years researching and testing different hair types and found the most premium quality hair available on the market. Today , we are so proud to be able to offer our range of ethically sourced, premium remy human hair extensions for you to enjoy.

Chica Bonita is an Australian owned and operated business which supply salons and consumers across the globe.

We believe that when you look good, you feel good. Our aim is to make every woman look and feel her best.

When you look your best, you do your best.

What is remy human hair?

Remy human hair is the finest and most popular human hair on the market today due to its quality.

Remy human hair is collected through a method in which the hair strands are completely aligned in the natural direction as it grows. Meaning it's very healthy, soft, shiny, tangle free and ultimately the highest in quality!

Our Mission

Chica Bonita was created with one mission in mind, to offer the best quality hair available to ensure our clients enjoy long-lasting, luxurious hair so they feel confident and beautiful every day.

About - Our mission
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